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Terms and Conditions

SKIPPY SKIPS  –   To ensure safe, efficient supply of service, the following terms and conditions apply :-

1. Standard Hire period of skip bins supplied is 7 days – Unless other arrangements are made prior to the scheduled collection day. To extend the rental period an additional fee will be charged. For earlier collection, reasonable notice to schedule pick-up is required. There is no additional charge for earlier collection or refund of any part of the original fee charged.

2. The Price for goods or services supplied is as listed on the Skippy Skips website and is subject to change and variation due to other circumstances (eg., delivery address to be outside the Townsville area, and/or the proposed contents or use of the skip bin.) Any variation of price can be predetermined upon enquiry (if in doubt – phone and ask) prior to booking or when confirming a booking. Additional charges may be levied where breaches of the terms and conditions are found to have occurred when the skip is collected. All prices, fees, levies or charges quoted include GST.

3. Payment for supply of goods or services is to be on delivery (pay the driver) or by credit card prior to delivery –  unless other arrangements have been made at the time of confirmation of the order, in which case a purchase order or other written confirmation may be required. Cancellation of an order can be made up to 3 hours before the projected delivery time without penalty. A full refund will be made for prepaid orders cancelled with a minimum of 3 hours notice. A cancellation with less than 3 hours notice will be deemed to be a cancellation without notice and may incur a cancellation fee of $30.00

4. Delivery date and approximate delivery time (usually a 1 – 2 hour time window) will be confirmed at the time of Skippy Skips acceptance and confirmation of the booking. Skippy Skips will make every reasonable effort to adhere to any prearranged times, and to advise the Hirer of any unforeseen delay.

5. Placement of the skip onsite will be at the drivers discretion. Our drivers will make every effort to place the skip where the Hirer directs us to do so. However, if the request for placement location is deemed to be unsafe, unlawful, or impractical for safe placement of the skip or operation of the truck or the bin lifter, the bin will instead be placed (where possible after consultation with the Hirer) in a place that is deemed to be suitable by the driver. If Skippy Skips is directed to place a bin inside the property, Skippy Skips will do so with all care, but no responsibility will be taken for any damage for above ground or subsurface damage. Where a skip is to be placed in public space, care will be taken to allow access at all times to public utilities and facilities and to comply with road transport regulations and council bylaws.

6. The Hirer is responsible for the skip bin once it has been delivered and while it is onsite. Bins are delivered in good condition and damage to the bin while it is onsite, subject to fair wear and tear, is at the Hirer’s expense. Bins are to be loaded in such a way as to contain the contents loaded to within the confines of the bin – No material to hang over the sides of the bin to restrict the use of the bin lifter to load the bin onto the skip truck, and material at the top of the bin must not protrude to any degree that the driver may consider the bin as unsafe to cover and contain for transport with regard to transport regulations for a safe load. The driver has the final word on what is safe and has the authority to offload any part of a load that he deems to be unlawful or unreasonable to transport. No fires are to be lit at any time in any bin. The Hirer shall not remove or deface or cover any identifying markings on a bin. The Hirer shall not cause to remove the bin from its initial placement location on a site without prior approval from Skippy Skips. Any damage caused by the operation of plant or equipment onsite, or in the action of moving a bin, shall be repaired at the Hirer’s expense.

7. No Regulated Waste, no tyres, asbestos, or any toxic or liquid waste, or dangerous, or hazaedous materials are to be placed in a skip. Wet cell batteries for removal are to be left beside the bin and will be taken away when the bin is collected but they must not be placed in the skip.

8. Pick-Up / Removal of the skip – occurrs on schedule after 7 days (the same day of the following week) unless arrangements are made at least one day before the scheduled collection is due. The pick-up time will not necessarily be at the same time as was the delivery. For a specific pick-up time, the Hirer should phone and make arrangements on any day up to the day prior to the scheduled pick-up. As part of this agreement, the Hirer authorizes Skippy Skips to enter property  owned or occupied by the Hirer to remove the skip on the scheduled pick-up day. The Hirer also agrees to maintain access on the site so that Skippy Skips may safely approach and collect the bin on the scheduled pick-up day. Arrangements can also be made to extend the rental period provided that such arrangements are in place on the day before the scheduled pick-up. There will be an additional charge to extend the rental period and this cost will depend on the size of the skip and the extra rental time required (phone and ask).  If due to unforeseen circumstances Skippy Skips is unable to collect a bin on the scheduled pick-up day, Skippy Skips will make every effort to advise the Hirer and to remove the skip from the site on the next working day. In this instance, no extra charge will be made to the Hirer for this extra time period on the site.

9. Additional Charges. Should a bin be found to contain prohibited items or material described as Regulated Waste (tyres, asbestos, toxic or liquid waste, dangerous or hazardous materials). Skippy Skips reserves the right to remove and leave behind such material that can be safely removed from the bin, and also to charge to the Hirer whatever cost arises in the removal and safe lawful disposal of any such material remaining in the bin after its collection. Where a bin has been moved onsite by the Hirer to such a position as to prevent safe access for collection of the bin by Skippy Skips normal removal method, any additional costs incurred by Skippy Skips to retrieve the bin will be at the Hirer’s expense and the Hirer shall also be charged for any extension to the rental period caused by delays to the removal of the bin as a result of moving the bin from its original placement location.

10. Overweight Bin – Heavy Load Levy. Prices quoted on Skippy Skips website and upon request by phone, relate to General Rubbish removal and includes provision for some (a few wheelbarrows full) dense, heavy material such as soil, concrete rubble, tiles, pavers or other such material. However, where a skip is to be used to remove a significant proportion (above 33%) of its volume for such material, the bin will exceed the allocated weight for General Rubbish and a Heavy Load Levy will be applied to the cost of the bin to cover the extra cost involved in dumping such material mixed in with General Rubbish. Where a bin is found to be overweight and no Levy has been paid, Skippy Skips reserves the right to empty sufficient contents of the bin where it stands on site, so as to not exceed 33% of the contents of the bin to contain heavy dense material, before removing the bin from a site. The Hirer is advised that loading such material in a quantity above 4 cubic metres will cause the bin to be above our maximum safe weight lift capacity and any additional costs involved in removing excess weight from the bin so as to render it be safe for loading by Skippy Skips shall be at the Hirers expense.  Where skip bins are used to remove such heavy dense material, the Hirer is required to discuss his requirements with Skippy Skips at booking time to avoid additional costs being charged to remove sufficient contents as to allow the bin to be removed or emptied where it stands.

11. Unpaid Fees. Where a skip has been delivered in good faith and fees remain unpaid at the scheduled collection time, Skippy Skips reserves the right to enter property to empty any skip where it stands and to remove the bin empty from the site pending any other action that may be taken to recover outstanding fees or charges.

12. Skip Bag sale. The sale price of a skip bag relates only to the purchase and change of ownership of the skip bag.

13. Skip Bag Collection and removal Price.  This price relates only to the charge for removal and disposal of a skip bag and the contents of a skip bag that is owned by the person booking and paying for the job. The ownership of any bag is deemed by Skippy Skips to be the property of the person booking and paying for its removal and disposal. Skippy Skips will contract with the owner of any brand of skip bag, including brands of skip bag not sold by Skippy Skips, for removal and disposal provided our driver deems the bag and its contents to be safe for collection, loading and for transport. The price quoted for removal of a skip bag will depend upon the size of the skip bag and its contents regardless of the brand of skip bag.

14. Skip Bag safe removal. A skip bag is not to be filled above its sides. Our driver has the discretion to decide if a loaded skip bag is in a suitable condition for Skippy Skips to safely access, lift and load, and transport to the dump facility. Where a driver refuses to collect a skip bag and its contents because of its age, condition, contents, or location and safe access, a full refund for any prepaid fees will be made.

15. Limitation of Liability. The liability of Skippy Skips for any claim, loss or expense related to the supply is limited to the cost paid by the Hirer for those services except where statute expressly requires otherwise. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Skippy Skips will not be liable in tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise for any loss of profits or any consequential, indirect or special damage, loss or injury of any kind suffered by the Hirer or any other person. Skippy Skips shall not be responsible or liable for damage, personal injury or loss of any kind whatsoever, to any property or person whosoever caused from the delivery, pick-up, or use of Skippy Skips bins at the Hirer’s site, unless such loss or damage was caused by the negligence of Skippy Skips, its agents, or employees.

16. No Warranty. No express or implied warranties have been made by or on behalf of Skippy Skips in respect of the use, suitability or fitness for purposes of the refuse bins except in so far as statutory conditions and warranties cannot be excluded under legislation.

17. Severability. If any portion of these terms is deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.