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1. What are the bin sizes, and how much rubbish can I fit in the Bin ?

 SKIPPY SKIP bins come in 4 sizes.

Our small bin holds 2 – 2 ½ m3 – It is roughly the equivalent of 3 box trailer loads heaped, or 4 level with the top trailer loads. Our small skip  is approximately 1 m high.( See our picture gallery)

Our medium size bin holds around 4 m3, or almost twice the size of our small bin. It is a longer bin, and is around 1m in height.

Our large SKIPPY SKIP holds approximately 6 m3 and is longer, wider, and higher than our other bins. It is approximately 1.25 m high.

Extra-large Barn Door skip holds around 10 cubic metres – it is 4m long and big all over, and is suitable for bulk items.

We now have  NEW – walk in   – ramp style loading – rear door opening/closing skip bins – suitable to load by wheel barrow or trolley or to simply drag large or heavy items into the skip. (These bins are just coming into stock and numbers are limited at this stage – so early booking is essential for this type of skip.)

2. What can I put in the bin ?

Our service is designed to take away all general household rubbish including:

    • Domestic waste
    • Old or broken furniture
    • White goods & appliances
    • Foliage
    • Yard clippings and other green waste
    • Cardboard
    • Building and renovation waste and rubble.

Please note: prices listed for our skips relate to the skip being filled with general rubbish

–  an extra charge (Heavy Load Levy – see details below) will be applied to any bin that is filled with a significant proportion of its contents being heavy material such as soil, broken concrete or similar dense heavy rubble.

Our bins have drain holes to prevent rain filling them up, and so any liquids must be in sealed containers. At delivery, our driver will give you some tips on how to load your bin to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your booking. We do not mind if our bins are loaded above the bin level, (within reason,- some common sense is required) however, no items can be allowed to hang out the sides of the bin as this will interfere with the safe lifting of the bin. We will cover and tie down the load before we leave the site.

Lift Top Lid Bins – we now also have Lid Bins available suitable for functions, parties or other perishables waste or building Site Office waste.

A 4 tonne weight limit applies to all our bins. In the case of our small & medium size bins, we can pick up a full level bin of broken concrete or even dirt. However, a large bin would be over the weight limit if filled with such material. Should you require capacity for more than 3.5 m3 of broken concrete or soil, talk to us about your requirements and we will do a special deal to provide you with the capacity using bins that will not cause weight limit problems. In the case of all heavy, dense materials a Heavy Load Levy will apply (see below).

Heavy load penalty : Our regular bin prices relate to skips loaded with general rubbish. Any of our skips, loaded to the maximum with general household, garden waste (excluding soil) or builders rubbish (excluding concrete) will not attract any extra charges.

However, there will be an extra charge applied to any bin that is filled with a significant proportion of heavy materials such as soil, broken concrete, pavers, broken tiles, glass, or other similar dense heavy materials.  We reserve the right to empty contents of a bin to an acceptable level which will be below 50% of its contents, where the bin stands, if the bin is deemed by our driver to be classified as “heavy” and where no additional levy has been paid for.

3. What Can’t I put in the bin ?

We cannot take any items that are defined by the Council as Regulated Waste. No tyres, wet cell batteries, or asbestos. In addition, an extra charge (Heavy Load Levy) will be applied to bins that are to be filled with a significant proportion of “heavy” contents, such as broken concrete rubble (see above).

We are not licensed to handle asbestos material.

4. How long can I keep the bin ?

Our general hire period is up to 7 days. That means that if We deliver it on a Tuesday, we pick it uo the following Tuesday ( or Monday to Monday, etc. whatever day we deliver, we pick it back up again the same day the following week)  unless you decide that you wish the bin to be collected at an earlier time. You can call us to collect the bin or arrange a collection time when booking the bin or when the bin is delivered.

5. How much notice is required for a booking ?

We love to get notice but we understand that it isn’t always possible. Some things cannot be planned in advance. We are flexible and can generally drop off a bin at short notice, usually within 1 to 2 hours. Usually, we can deliver today all bookings confirmed by 2PM, and deliver tomorrow bookings confirmed later than that.  However, it is advisable to give notice where possible, particularly with the larger bins and in advance of peak usage times such as a long weekend.

6. Where can we have the bin placed ?

Talk to the driver at delivery – if possible, he will place the bin exactly where you want it – provided it is possible to manoeuvre the truck into position. If not, you can discuss with our friendly & experienced drivers what would be the next best alternative for you. Bear in mind that we cannot block pedestrian access or cover essential services points on a footpath.

7. How do I pay for the bin ?

We require that the bin be paid for on delivery with cash, cheque, – or by credit card over the phone when making the booking, particularly if there is to be no person on site at delivery time. When we take a booking, we arrange a suitable time for delivery with usually a 1 to 2 hour maximum wait period.

The benefit of this payment policy to the customer is that it removes any need for you to be present on site when the bin is eventually collected.       With credit card payments, we ask that you phone through your card details to us – do not send credit card details to us via email.   For security and privacy reasons, we do not store credit card details on our computer system – they are recorded by hand, processed, and kept in hand written form for the minimum time needed to verify the charge, and then destroyed.

8. Skip Bin or Skip Bag ?

A skip bin will hold more, and can be loaded above the level of the bin – a skip bag must not be overloaded. It’s much easier to load a skip bin. It has a hard, regular surface and does not collapse as you throw things in  –  a skip bag must be supported as you load it,  pull the sides up as you fill it, etc. Sometimes its hard to juggle what goes in the bag and at the same time wrestle with the bag itself so that the trash can be put in it. A skip supports itself, just throw the rubbish in –  the skip will look after itself.   A skip bin can handle more weight in the bin than a skip bag can support, and some brands of skip bags have very low weight limits.   If you need a large size container, our large size skip will hold over 6 cubic metres –   the largest size skip bag is 3 cubic metres. Our skip bins are hired out usually for a maximum period of 7 days. This is longer than most of our competitors allow, and is usually sufficiently long enough to get the job done. When placing our skips, we put small blocks down to put the skip on so that your lawn can still breathe in the space created under the bin. This means that there is no damage done to your lawn. However, with a skip bag, it sits flat on the surface,  and, if left there for any period beyond a few days, it will stifle and kill the lawn – you must be careful to select a suitable place to leave a skip bag to avoid damage to your lawn if you intend to fill the bag over an extended period.

When you buy a Skip Bag , you own the bag  .. its yours to keep and utilize, or dispose of, as you please, ..keep it for as long as you need it – so, if time is a factor in skip bin hire, buying your own bag to fill at your leisure may be a useful alternative. For smaller amounts of rubbish that you may feel will not warrant getting a skip bin, a small skip bag may suit the purpose instead.  A skip bag may also suit for a difficult to access location where the rubbish is to be collected. The skip bags that we have for sale are tough and safe weight lift certified to carry up to a 1 tonne load… but we’re happy to provide our prompt collection service, as well as very cheap collection and removal rates, to any types or brands of skip bag that you may own and wish to dispose of.

Value. Take a tip from the professionals – Builders, renovators. handymen, pro landscapers etc all use skips rather than bags. This is because a skip will generally hold twice as much rubbish as a bag of the same volume and is twice as easy to load.

9. Does it cost more for my suburb ?

No. SKIPPY SKIPS has one price structure for all suburbs in the Townsville / Thuringowa area. This includes Bluewater and Toolakea in the North, Rangewood, Rupertswood, and Kelso in the West, and Oak Valley, Serene Valley, and Alligator Creek in the South.

However, we also service other areas further removed from the city and for these areas there is a surcharge on every bin movement to cover the extra fuel and time involved. Extra areas extend to Rollingstone and Toomulla in the North, Ayr, Brandon, Home Hill, Giru, Cungulla, Palm Creek, and Majors Creek in the South, and Woodstock and Calcium in the West.

10. Are there any extra charges ?

No. The price quoted to you is all inclusive. It includes GST, delivery, collection, and dumping charges.   However, there will be extra charges levied (Heavy Load Levy ) for bins that are deemed to be “heavy”. Where a bin is filled with a significant proportion of dense heavy material such as broken concrete, soil, broken tiles or pavers etc, or similar dense materials, a bin will be deemed to be “heavy” and will attract an additional charge to cover extra dumping charges that such material will attract.   Charges for dumping including State & local taxes and are determined by weight. In our price charged, we allow for sufficient dumping fees to be applied for general waste, that is, household rubbish, garden refuse (not soil), white goods, and general building materials and building waste (not concrete).

We reserve the right to empty a bin to 50% full on site where it stands if it is found to be “heavy” and no levy has been paid.  Extra charges will also be added for time extensions, or for charges applied to SKIPPY SKIPS should there be found to be regulated waste, e.g., tyres, in the bin.

11. What happens to the contents of the bin after collection ?   Environmental policy.

Where possible, we recycle clean green waste for the production of garden mulch, and in some cases, paper products and some metal scraps are also recycled. You can assist in the “green-recycle where possible” policy of our company by choosing to separate rubbish from green waste or other recyclables when loading the bin.

We use only city dumpsites, which are EPA monitored and strictly controlled for environmental conservation, recycling, and waste management. At the dump sites, we use an area set aside for commercial operators only, sectioned off from public dumping, to ensure your personal rubbish is not open to unauthorised public scrutiny.

12. Can I keep my bin longer than 7 days ?

Yes. But, extra time costs extra. SKIPPY SKIPS 7 day rental scheme is already the most generous of all the Skip Bin providers, most of which restrict you to a 4 day rental period. We have structured our costs and advance bookings systems on the basis of a 7 day bin turn-around.

However, we recognize that there can be situations that do not conform to our pattern and as a consequence we can offer you a 3 day or 7 day time extension for an extra set charge for each bin size. Any extension must be arranged prior to the collection day – please don’t wait until the truck arrives to collect the skip – by that stage we may have already committed the skip to a new job.

13. Is it a problem to collect my bin sooner than 7 days ?

No. It’s not a problem. (When a bin is collected late, it can impact on advance bookings, – there is no such problem with early returns.) If you are finished with the bin, why not have it collected ? Although we think that our bins are very attractive, we do agree that once they are full of rubbish, they can be an eyesore sitting out front or in your yard. Rubbish blows out, leaves fall out, the bin can be in the way,and of recent times, skips have been a target for acts of vandalism which can amount to rubbish being taken from the skip and used to vandalise your property  …if you’ve finished with the bin early, give us a call and we’ll take it away.
Phone :  (07) 47 788251
Telstra Line Problem – in such cases – use mobile numbers only : 0408 728 791, or 0419 692 413.

14. How do you deliver bins quickly from Alligator Creek ?

We have a depot located centrally at Garbutt where we store our empty skips and our 5 trucks are working usually to empty skips at the council dumping facilities at Stuart. This means that at any time we can often react very quickly to any call from a location near to where a skip is required.. With 5 trucks operating and over 250 skips to call upon, you can count on Skippy Skips for the best response to your call.  Our Alligator Creek address is our home and our business office. Darren is often mobile monitoring jobs or in one of the trucks, and can call in on our clients if required, and Mike generally handles the behind the scenes supervision, training, and administration of the business in our office at our home.

Service Area : 

Townsville All Suburbs. Kirwan, Hermit Park, Aitkenvale, Garbutt, North Ward, Belgian Gardens, Vincent, Heatley, Pimlico, Currajong, Railway Estate, Oonoonba, Mundingburra, Cranbrook, Mount Louisa, Condon, Rasmussen, Kelso, Annandale, Douglas, Stuart, Wulguru, Nome, Alligator Creek, Oak Valley, Clevedon, Burdell, Deeragun, Bushland Beach, North Shore, Mount Low, Jensen, Bluewater, Toolakea. Also (additional charge applies) Rollingstone, Toomulla, Ayr, Brandon, Home Hill.

Community :

For the past 17 years Skippy Skips has been able to provide support for many local sporting and charity organisations and since 2013 Skippy Skips has been a Bronze Level Sponsor of the Townsville Special Childrens Christmas Party.

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